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  • The Subway Sandwich Shop with Free WiFi Hotspot, Rt 47 in Hebron Illinois

  • Come for the Delicious Sandwiches & Free WiFi Hotspot provided by Wonderwave Wireless

  • Free WiFi Hotspot at Subway! Subway opens at 7AM, Monday through Friday, 8AM on Weekends!

  • Great Food & Fast Service at Subway! Now with Free WiFi Hotspot!

Subway Sandwich Shop


menuThe Subway Sandwich Shop in Hebron loves to please it's customers by serving fresh and delicious sandwiches.

The Subway Menu has something to please everyone, seeking quick and nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy!

Turkey, Bacon with Avocado

Turkey with Avocado $6 Most Popular!

100% Avocado spread on a Turkey and Bacon Sandwich, with your choice of bread and toppings.

Black forest Ham Sub

6" Sub with Drink $4Enjoy Anytime!

6 inch Subway (Black Forest Ham), with your choice of toppings and bread, with a 21 ounce drink.

Monthly Special

Western Egg & Cheese $5Monthly Special!

Western Egg & Cheese Footlong with Black Forest Ham, peppers, onions, and melty cheese on flatbread.

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Wonderwave Internet is providing the internet connection to The Subway Sandwich Shop HotSpot. Wonderwave Internet is independently owned, and operated, and has been providing fixed wireless broadband service in Hebron Illinois since 2006!

Fast, always on, high speed internet service. Basic Service includes minimum speed guarante (for Netflix), bursting up to 10 mbs, unlimited traffic, 5 e-mails, 10 mb of webspace and webmail. Spam and virus filtering, IP Phones supported. Basic Service begins at $45* (*Pre-pay for the year and SAVE 20%!)

Wonderwave WirelessRead more

Wonderwave Wireless provides the equipment behind The Subway Sandwich Shop HotSpot. Wonderwave Wireless HotSpot solutions allows businesses to offer Internet access to customers, while applying certain Internet use rules and limitations.

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